We offer a comprehensive selection of services to keep your smile healthy and meet your varying dental needs.Whether your concern is preventative, cosmetic or relief of pain we will discuss all of your treatment options to and keep you well informed.

By carefully discussing and educating you we can remove the anxiety from dental visits and provide you and your family with personalized treatment plans. It is never too late or too early in life to begin caring for your teeth. We are a dynamic practice that adapts to new procedures and technology. To carry out the highest extent of dental care, our office is equipped with the latest technologies for diagnostic and restorative treatment. To gain the most accurate information, we use a combination of visual examinations aided by high resolution video magnification,digital x-ray imaging, laser trans- illumination and florescence scanning.

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Diagnostic Tools

DIAGNOcam ® - Our latest technology uses an intra-oral 780 nm laser diode transmitter and CCD receiver to scan the teeth and generate a live computer image of the transilluminated teeth. The device captures images, viewed live ona monitor, to show very early cracks and decay often overlooked by older technology. While X-ray diagnosis remains important, Diagnocam is totally radiation-free and can be repeated as frequently as required. DIAGNOcam ® is a convenient way to verify and supplement your X-ray diagnosis and is particularly useful when performing diagnosis on children or pregnant women. We would like to acknowledge the (Federal) Department of Employment, Skills,Small and Family Business in granting funds for this cutting edge technology that is as yet not available in other nearby centres.

Bondi Duel HD – This device uses high resolution intra and extra oral video cameras to capture and magnify live images that can be displayed on screen in real-time. An additional application uses strong light and a florescence detector to detect dental caries, mainly on the chewing surfaces of back teeth.