At Connell Dental Care we welcome all new and returning patients to our practice. We provide a broad range ofdental services including preventative dentistry, restorative and prosthetic dentistry, cosmetic dentistry andemergency dental.

We understand that a visiting a new dentist can be an intimidating experience. We endeav our to make you feel comfortable and deliver a high standard of affordable dental care catered to your individual needs.​ In order for us to safely provide the highest standard of care, you will be required to complete a medical history form prior to treatment. Any failure to make a full disclosure may place you at undue medical risk. Please arrive to your appointment early to allow time to complete it in our waiting room.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your first dental visit, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to answer your questions to put your mind at ease. If you have experienced dental anxiety before, Or, you feel apprehensive about a particular aspect of a procedure we encourage you to talk to us about it.

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​Disclaimer: Notice to insured patients regarding dental benefits insurance: Item numbers on our invoices represent as accurately as possible theprocedures performed, but in no way are they a claim on anyone other than the patient for whom they were performed. The eligibility of thepatient, or the procedures, attract refunds, and the rates of those refunds, are determined by the conditions of the patient’s Health InsurancePolicy. We accept no responsibility, to either party, for any decision the Insurer may make regarding the refund of monies to the patient.