Check ups // Treatment Planning

During each check-up visit we perform a very thorough examination. This includes a full assessment of both the extra oral (facial and jaw) structures and well as the intraoral soft tissues and teeth. We use photographs, digital radiographs and diagnostic cameras to aid us in detecting any areas of concern. Once the information is gathered we then discuss any required treatments with you and create a treatment plan tailored to your clinical presentation.

Cleaning + Oral Hygiene

Professional cleaning will remove plaque build-up and surface stains from your teeth to keep your breath fresh and mouth healthy. During each dental appointment we will check for signs of gum disease, inflammation and bleeding and advise you on the best way to prevent future bacterial accumulation via your own home care routine.

Oral Cancer Screening

Early detection of oral cancer and potentially malignant oral lesions can improve the treatment outcome for patients. We are well-trained to identify these in the mouth as part of our comprehensive examinations. We also have the latest in dental imaging tools to record and monitor oral pathology or suspect lesions.


We will always save your teeth when possible, however, in the unfortunate event that a tooth does need to be removed due to trauma or advanced dental disease we are able to do so in a gentle and pain free method. This includes the removal of wisdom teeth.


Dentures are removable appliances made to replace missing teeth and restore support to the facial muscles. They may be partial, replacing one or a few teeth, or full, replacing all teeth. These are made of acrylic resin but can also be combined with metal to improve chewing ability, appearance and speech. A well-constructed denture can be a very economical and comfortable way to replace teeth.

Crown and Bridge

Dental crowns are porcelain caps used to restore severely broken or fragile teeth. Crowns are extremely versatile and can also be used to align crowded teeth, close gaps and whiten tooth colour. Our crowns are all high-quality providing strength and appearance similar to that of natural teeth. When you have one or more missing teeth, a dental bridge can be used. This treatment uses a porcelain crown supported by healthy adjacent teeth to fill the gap and provide excellent function and aesthetics.

Night Guards

These are protective dental appliances used to treat bruxism or tooth grinding. People suffering from this condition may be unconsciously clenching their teeth when they are stressed or grinding them while asleep. In severe cases this can provoke headache, toothache, jaw or facial pain and damage to the teeth. Our appliances can help protect and the jaw and teeth from this.

N2O and Oral Sedation

Anxiety towards dental treatments is often experienced both by children and adults alike. We will take the time to thoroughly explain your treatment and make you comfortable as possible. We can prescribe an oral sedative for you to take before treatment. This will help to relax you and reduce anxiety. It will help with the nerves and it has no lasting effects, so you will be able to drive after treatment.

Dry Mouth

If your mouth, throat or tongue feel dry and uncomfortable, and you have bad breath, you could have a condition called xerostomia or dry mouth syndrome. This can promote the growth of bacteria in your mouth and increase oral isease. We can perform a complete oral health assessment and recommend the most effective treatments or preventative measures to help reverse the condition.


Many sport and recreational activities pose a significant risk of injury to the teeth, mouth and face. Resulting injures can be painful and require extensive treatment. A properly fitted mouth guard is an important protective appliance that provides a layer of protection to prevent this from occurring.

Relief of Pain / Broken Teeth

Dental emergencies are often unpredictable and a cause of anxiety. If you are experiencing discomfort, pain, or require urgent dental care we will find the earliest available appointment to address your concern. During your first visit we will alleviate the signs and symptoms of dental pain and provide you with all your treatment options.

Root Canal

One of our primary goals is to preserve your natural teeth. Root Canal or endodontic therapy is a procedure that removes deep infection from a tooth and allows it to be saved. This is done through the cleaning, shaping and disinfecting of the inner chambers of the tooth. Following treatment, good oral hygiene and regular check-ups are advised to help prevent the tooth from having further complications.

Sleep Apnea and Anti-Snoring Treatment

Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when your upper airway becomes blocked, restricting your ability to breathe normally while sleeping. As well as causing breathing problems, OSA can put pressure on your respiratory system and restrict the flow of oxygen throughout your body. Our oral appliance therapy is evidence based and a can help those patients who suffer from sleep apnoea or snoring.


Misaligned teeth and jaws and cause problematic chewing, be hard to maintain and have a higher risk of acquiring tooth decay and gum disease. Conventional braces and removable appliances can restructure teeth into alignment for ideal function and aesthetics.


Dental implants used to replace missing natural teeth. A tapered titanium fixture is surgically inserted into the jaw to mimic the root structure of a natural tooth. Once this has settled, a porcelain crown is that fixed onto the implant to create a permanent and natural looking alternative for those who have lost teeth. In some cases, instead of a crown,an implant can be fitted with special attachments to hold a denture.

White Fillings and Sealants

If you experience discomfort or sensitivity whilst eating or drinking, you may have a dental cavity or hole in yourtooth. White fillings are often discrete and resemble natural teeth in translucency and texture, making the appearance of your teeth much more attractive than the traditional mercury releasing silver fillings. The treatment process involves removing the decay and the incremental placement of a composite filling.

Dental trauma / Tooth Ache

There are different types of broken teeth, some more severe than others. Sometimes a broken tooth will cause you pain, however often a small chip or crack may not cause you any discomfort. It’s very important to contact us if you notice any chips or fractures, as leaving it may cause further damage, leading to more severe problems.

Gum Treatment

Periodontal or gum disease is closely linked to a number of systemic illnesses. Luckily it is preventable with correct education, home care and periodic dental visits. Simply having your teeth professionally cleaned at least every six months will significantly slow down the progress of periodontal disease. If the disease has progressed, you may require deep scaling and root planing. This procedure removes plaque and calculus from the roots of the teeth and deep periodontal pockets, helping the gums to heal and the pockets to shrink in size.

Preventative Dentistry

During your visits we assess your mouth as a whole and educate you about what is required to achieve good dental health. We provide treatments such as cleans, fissure sealants, fluoride treatments and home care plans. The aim of this is to identify dental disease before it develops. Thereby reducing the required for dental intervention and restorative treatment. It is our recommendation to schedule bi-annual dental check-up appointments.

Paediatric Treatment

We cater to patients of all ages from infancy through to adulthood. Children get their “baby” or deciduous teeth from 6 months onwards. It is important for children and parents to be educated on oral health and learn good habits that will keep their mouths healthy. These teeth are eventually replaced by permanent or “adult” teeth which require monitoring to ensure that they develop correctly erupt into position properly.